Avoid These 5 Risks Using Tax Liens in Knoxville

Using tax liens in Knoxville is an attractive yet widely misunderstood investment option that is becoming more popular. Here is a cliff notes guide on how they work. Every city and county collect property taxes on real estate. When property owners fail to pay the tax bill, the city is more than happy letting you pay someone … Continued

5 Quick Tips You Should Know Before Investing in a Tax Lien in Knoxville

Buying tax liens is an opportunity to own a property for pennies on the dollar. While this is entirely true when buying tax liens, develop proper due diligence procedures so you aren’t buying a piece of swampland and trying to evict alligators. Here Are Five Quick Tips You Should Know Before Investing in a Tax … Continued

4 No Brainer Reasons to Invest in Tax Liens in Knoxville

Have you always wanted to invest in tax liens in Knoxville but you’re not quite sure where to start? Investing in tax liens can be a lucrative source of real estate income and it’s certainly worth looking into. In this post, we will examine four key reasons as to why you may want to try … Continued

How Do Tax Liens Work in Real Estate in Tennessee?

Tax liens are financial holds that the government places on property holders due to their non-payment of taxes. It puts certain restrictions on their ability to buy or sell the property or to make a profit on the real estate in question. This protects the banks who have an investment in the property as well … Continued